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Production Paradise Kids Magazine Entry Today

DSC_1908 copy

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More about Charles Eugster the amazing 96-year-old champion

96-year-old hates “retirement,” becomes body builder and runner | Clark Howard While so many of us dream of the day we can walk away from work, “retirement” is a four-letter word to 96-year-old Charles Eugster.

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Futapest run in Pilisszentkereszt

The village of Pilisszentkereszt and the surrounding lands was established by Hungarians in the 12th century around a Cistercian abbey.  Friends Csilla and Zsolti coach children in cross country running. I went along while I was in Hungary last week. It was a welcome break from the city.


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Francis Kosics – Fitness Trainer

Personal work – Feri (Francis) is a great fitness coach in Budapest. We had a portrait session in the gym on his birthday. He brought along a friend to work with.

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AOP Awards

For the sixth year running I have failed to win a coveted AOP award. Oh well! Nonetheless, I stand by the work: keep scrolling!

Life series one: Sukoro Tennis Club For Children

AOP DSC_0678

AOP DSC_0600

AOP DSC_0690

Life Series 2: Football Practice

AOP DSC_4733

AOP DSC_4915

AOP DSC_4758

AOP DSC_4734


Single Life: Golden Retriever Puppies First Day In Their New Home (Mirandola, Italy)

AOP DSC_4326

Single Portrait:  Girl in Miss Silberman’s Class (Budapest, Hungary)

Girl in Ms Silberman's class copy

Single Portrait: Athlete At the European Masters Athletics Championships (Torun, Poland)

DSC_5789 copy

Project:  European Masters Athletics Championships – Athletes aged 45 – 104

aop DSC_7542

AOP DSC_0107


AOP DSC_7039

AOP DSC_9653

AOP DSC_9927


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Sukoro Tennis Club

Beautiful tennis school set on a hill with a view of the lake.  It was these children’s first day.

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Sport against ageist stereotyping

This is what sixty looks like.


DSC_8143 small

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triple jump


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Charles Eugster 95 – last batch of images from Torun

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Charles Eugster aged 95 winning the 60 metre dash in Torun Poland

Charles 60m DSC_6642 copy

The amazing Charles Eugster running for Britain in the European Masters Athletics Championships in Torun.  You can just barely see 104 year old Stanislaw Kowalski gamely setting his own record for his age category in the background.  In the second picture he relaxes after the even in an elegant restaurant.

charles torun small DSC_7429 copy 2

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