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Extract from Swiss SRF1 interview with Charles Eugster (then 93) entitled “The Race Against Time”

In July 2013 Reto Brennwald of Swiss TV channel SRF1 made a feature about Charles Eugster and filmed various aspects of his life for a programme called “Charles Eugster – The Race Against Time” This clip shows me photographing Charles as Edouard Manet’s Olympia – a painting which embodies defiance and which caused a scandal when it was presented in 1865. A good choice for Charles and I agreed to facilitate as soon as he spoke to me of his wish to be so portrayed. I had spoken to him about my project with Roma where I had asked people to choose paintings from the past to symbolise the way they would like to be seen and he wasted no time in researching the right painting for him. Just as the original Manet painting broke all contemporary conventions, Charles refuses to meekly accept the stereotypes and cliches about age.


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