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Magnum Photographer Ian Berry

Had the privilege of attending a workshop with this legendary photographer who documented the Sharpeville Massacre and was in South Africa bringing out the story of the infamous apartheid regime.

ian berry 2014-05-31 18.23.43 2

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Around Suva

Fijians are the friendliest and most positive people I’ve ever met in my life.  Life is hard but you hear little complaining and there’s a great sense of community.



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Fleeting impressions of Tokyo

Just some impressions from my stopover in Tokyo.  Fashionistas swarmed.  No-one writes about this phenomenon better than my friend Ted Polhemus who is a world expert on youth subculture.  His books include Fashion and Anti Fashion, Popstyles, Social Aspects of the Human Body, Bodystyles, Rituals of Love and Boom so dive in there if you want to know more.

The girls wearing kimonos were tourists from Hong Kong by the way!

DSC_3891 2


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Golden Retriever Puppies


My friends have just got themselves some impossibly cute golden retriever puppies.  Had to post …

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Fiji – Suva City Carnegie Library

In 1907, Andrew Carnegie donated $7,300 for the establishment of the Carnegie Library in Suva, Fiji. The library is still in operation today and I was delighted that the kind librarian allowed me to take some pictures.


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The Story of Bela

Bela is a man who lived down my street. He used to hang around outside the local 24hour shop and drink beer.    I often rove around with my camera and ask people if I can take their picture.  He refused me a couple of times but when a friend of his told him I took good pictures, he acquiesced.

sziv 4 2

A while later, his wife asked me if I could take their wedding pictures (about thirty years after the event) if she could borrow a dress from somewhere.


I said I would and Alvi and I went to their tiny flat with some lights and gear and photographed the wedding party which was in fully swing.

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Two months later Bela was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and passed away in the summer.


RIP Bela

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