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Stanislaw Kowalski aged 104 competing in the European Masters Athletics Championships

Stanislaw Kowalski is from the Torun area and smiled a lot as he competed in the Athletics Championships at the end of March.  Astonishingly, he is about to turn 105. (On April 14th – say “Happy Birthday”).  By the way, in Polish “Happy Birthday” is translated by “May you live 100 years” – I guess they’ll have to rethink that one for Mr Kowalski… It’s true he was beaten hands down by Charles Eugster in the 60m sprint but Charles is a whole decade younger.  He attributes his good health to regular exercise and believes it is better to leave the table a little hungry than too full.  He certainly lapped up the attention of the media and is seen here being congratulated by family and fellow athletes as well as posing for the cameras together with oldest British team member, Charles Eugster.

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