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Gypsy Kings (Cigany Vagyok) Exhibition – Budapest, Touring Exhibition Hungary, Paris

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This was the original call for participants in the project which went out all over Hungary through social media channels, NGO’s, radio and word of mouth. It led to a lot of debate and I would still like to show it in other places in Europe.

“GYPSY KINGS photography experiment

I’m looking for models for an exhibition of twelve portraits of Roma which draw inspiration from famous paintings of old masters.

Apart from producing aesthetically satisfying images, my wish is to examine the tension which a person experiences when struggling to choose a role for himself/herself when majority society in its need to feel secure in the presence of stable archetypes (always stronger in the case of political and economic instability) subtly undermines any attempt to break free of seemingly inevitable destiny.

I hope that people whose imagination has been stimulated by the description will come forward.

I will meet them in a group and show some pictures of old masters which I like as inspiration and they will be invited to say which role they would like to play and be free to suggest roles of their own.

I intend to record interviews with all the subjects where they will be asked to say why they chose to be photographed playing a particular role and they will be questioned on their aspirations and asked if they feel that being Roma has any bearing on their destinies.

The project is open to anyone who is Roma.

If you are interested, please send an email saying something about yourself and send a photograph to this email address:

This is an art experiment, there is no money involved.”

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