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Taylor Wessing Competition rejected entries

Of course I was disappointed to have once again not made the grade this year, but what really annoyed me was the massive carbon footprint that the competition entails. They want large prints right from round one. Such a waste!

AOP ian berry 2014-05-31 18.23.43 2

Magnum photographer Ian Berry (snapped on my Samsung Zoom during a workshop last year)

DSC_9407 original! 3 copy

Hungarian schoolgirl (a friend of mine is a teacher and I spent the day with her class one day last autumn)

DSC_5877 copy


AOP DSC_5789 copy

An athlete at the European Masters Competition in Torun this year.  I love the quiet dignity of this picture – it was such a contrast to the noisy and excited atmosphere in the sportshall.

DSC_5828 2 copy

I spotted this man on his way home from work in the underground station at Corvin Negyed in Budapest.  He agreed straight away to being photographed and told me proudly that he cuts the grass at the Formula One track.

DSC_3558 PRINT TW copy

I met this woman at Suva bus station in Fiji and she and her friend were happy to pose.  I’ve promised to send her the picture.

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Magnum Photographer Ian Berry

Had the privilege of attending a workshop with this legendary photographer who documented the Sharpeville Massacre and was in South Africa bringing out the story of the infamous apartheid regime.

ian berry 2014-05-31 18.23.43 2

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The Story of Bela

Bela is a man who lived down my street. He used to hang around outside the local 24hour shop and drink beer.    I often rove around with my camera and ask people if I can take their picture.  He refused me a couple of times but when a friend of his told him I took good pictures, he acquiesced.

sziv 4 2

A while later, his wife asked me if I could take their wedding pictures (about thirty years after the event) if she could borrow a dress from somewhere.


I said I would and Alvi and I went to their tiny flat with some lights and gear and photographed the wedding party which was in fully swing.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”60″ gal_title=”bela wedding”]

Two months later Bela was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and passed away in the summer.


RIP Bela

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DSC_3052Glamorous Fiji.  More to follow.  Watch this space.


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Sandor (Alexander)

I photographed him in the street last year when he was wearing a stetson.  He’s moved now to the other side of the street and wears a different, less ostentatious cap.  I noticed he was reading the Chartreuse de Parme by Stendahl.  He told me he preferred Le Rouge et le Noir and that he had been particularly moved by Julien Sorel’s imprisonment and execution.   We talked a bit about the power of the moment when haughty Mathilde de La Môle cradles Sorel’s severed head in her lap.  Sandor had an odd looking thumb and he told me that the deformation had been caused by a machine accident when he had worked as a wood floor layer.  What was worse he said was his partially amputated foot.  As he said this he removed his sandal and I saw that he only had half a foot.  Now he sits on a step somewhere, collects money for booze and reads – both of which give him relief from his present situation.


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”54″ gal_title=”Sandor Street”]


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David Merlini Video (I didn’t do the video, just the stills)

but the video is AMAZING!!!


David Merlini 20 years of escapes from David Merlini Online on Vimeo.

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People on the street (Budapest)

I had started working on an album of street portraits when I came across a wonderful album by Harvey Wang called “Flophouse, life in the Bowery” which inspired me further to go back to the people I’ve photographed and get them to say something about themselves.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”50″ gal_title=”street people book”]


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[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”Esme”]

My beautiful niece

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Charles Eugster 95 – last batch of images from Torun

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”30″ gal_title=”Charles EMAC”]

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Charles Eugster aged 95 winning the 60 metre dash in Torun Poland

Charles 60m DSC_6642 copy

The amazing Charles Eugster running for Britain in the European Masters Athletics Championships in Torun.  You can just barely see 104 year old Stanislaw Kowalski gamely setting his own record for his age category in the background.  In the second picture he relaxes after the even in an elegant restaurant.

charles torun small DSC_7429 copy 2

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